Commemorative Plaza & Fountain

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Kansas City Life Insurance Company was established in 1895 in Kansas City, Missouri.  In preparation for the company’s 100 year anniversary, the two top executives (who happen to be brothers) commissioned a commemorative feature for the front lawn of their headquarters.  One brother suggested a fountain, since Kansas City is known as “the City of Fountains”, while the other brother suggested a sculpture, due to his love of art and concern for the on-going maintenance a fountain would require.  The end result was an outdoor plaza, with the centerpiece being a floating granite sphere that spins very gently on a thin film of water on a base stone with a socket carved to the exact curvature of the sphere.  The plaza is nestled into the gently sloping front lawn and on axis with the stately and historic neo-classical limestone building. The sphere, weighing several tons, serves both as a sculptural element and a low maintenance water feature.  The polished wet reflective surface of the sphere acts as a gazing ball, and the perpetual motion is symbolic of the company’s longevity.

  • Location: kansas City, Missouri
  • Filed under: Commercial Projects

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